Services and Areas of Expertise

The main legal services and areas of practice through which Cătălin Predoiu advise, counsell, assists and represents his clients are as follows:

* strategic advice on corporate and institutional/ governamental affaires;

* counselling and advising on legislation, including drafting legislative instruments and regulations;

* strategic advice on “legal design” in complex projects, including long-term strategic planning of client’s legal interests and „public advocacy”, structuring  complex systems of contracts;

* legal opinions in civil, contractual, commercial, corporate, banking, international public and private law issues;

* project management, including strategic coordination of client’s in-house legal teams and cooperation with law firm teams projects;

* advise and counselling in corporate, mergers & acquisitions, acquisition finance;

* advise, counselling and representation in arbitration, mediation, alternative dispute resolution;

* strategic advice, counselling and representation in civil, commercial, banking, administrative, tax and bankruptcy litigation;

* advise, counselling and representation on passive extradition and asylum procedures.

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