Professional experience

With a 30 years of ongoing professional experience in the field of law, Cătălin Predoiu is a well-known professional with an extensive and solid practice in different areas of legal practice, corporate, contractual, administrative, international public and private law, as well as an experienced draftsman of various pieces of legislation within civil, judiciary commercial and economics areas. During his first 15 years of law career, Cătălin Predoiu also developed a solid practice as barrister in the field of civil, commercial, administrative and fiscal litigation as well as in international commercial arbitration, being also member of International Commercial Arbitration Court of Bucharest.

In conjunction with his legal practice he devoted over 15 years to his academic career, teaching civil law and commercial law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest. Furthermore, Cătălin  Predoiu is the author of several studies and specialized articles, holding since 2004 the title of PhD  in  law, Summa cum laude, for a research work in the field of corporate banking regulation.

Cătălin Predoiu published a number of different legal papers and researching works, receiving a number of distinctions, including the “Simion Bărnuțiu” Award granted by the Romanian Academy in 2003.

In addition to his extensive legal practice, Cătălin Predoiu also has an unique and rich experience among the legal practitioners within the government affairs, serving as member of several government cabinets, as independent minister of justice and acting minister of foreign affairs.

Cătălin Predoiu has a fruitful experience as a law practice manager, in his capacity of former  co-founder and managing partner of  “Racoți – Predoiu Law Firm” (1995 – 2007), “Zamfirescu Racoți Predoiu Law Firm” (, 2007 – 2008) and “Stoian Predoiu Law Firm” (, 2016 – 2019).

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